The Reading Room 

The NDSU Archives, and the collections are available for research to NDSU students, faculty, staff, and general public. One of the responsibilities of the Archives is the preservation of the historical material in its care. While we encourage the use of these materials, we also ask that all users help us in preventing damage to them by observing the following rules.

  • No food or beverages are allowed in the reading room. Please use lobby.
  • Place your backpack, brief case, purse, or carrying case into a locker.
  • Do not remove any material from the reading room.
  • Use pencils only. Absolutely no pens.
  • Do not place elbows or arms on documents.
  • Do not take notes on top of materials.
  • Do not touch photographs with your fingers, ask for gloves.
  • Do not re-shelve books or microfilm. Please leave on table after use.
  • Have only one box open at a time and remove one folder at a time.
  • No cell phone use in the reading room. Please use the lobby.
  • Handle everything with extreme care. Please ask Archives’ staff for assistance with extremely delicate documents. 
  • Keep everything in its original order; do not mix up documents.
  • Laptops are allowed.
  • Speak quietly and respect other researchers’ privacy.


Photocopies may be made, however:

  • Manuscripts, photographs, etc. must be copied by staff.
  • Books can be photocopied by patrons with permission from staff.
  • Personal scanners can be used with permission from staff.
  • Photographs may be taken.
  • We may refuse to allow copying of fragile or oversized items.