The NDSU Libraries’ Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC) relies on material and financial donations from the community to fulfill the mission of the GRHC. Please click any of the headings below to read more about how to donate to the GRHC.

If you have any questions, please contact GRHC staff at

Personal Papers, Photographs, Correspondence, Family Histories, and Books

A great way to assist in our efforts to build our archival collections is by donating personal papers, genealogy research, photographs, certificates, correspondence, oral histories, and artifacts relating to the Germans from Russia. Please contact the GRHC about your materials prior to donating by submitting a Potential Acquisitions Form. Once you fill out and return the Potential Acquisitions Form, GRHC staff will review and determine if the materials adhere to the GRHC mission and fit the criteria of the collection policy. GRHC staff will notify the donor about the status of the donation.

Textiles and Clothing

For donations of textiles and clothing, the GRHC collaborates with the Emily P. Reynolds Historic Costume Collection, NDSU College of Human Sciences and Education. Our textile collection is housed within their secure storage and is managed under their specialized care. To donate a textile to our collections, please email GRHC Staff at

Collecting Process and Information

Collecting Exclusions
It is not possible for the GRHC to accept all materials that are offered. This may be due to duplication, condition, format, or subject areas in which we do not collect. If we are unable to accept your materials, we can often recommend another institution that may be a better fit. For items that are outside of our scope but relate to North Dakota, we recommend contacting the NDSU Archives. Common examples of materials we do not accept:

  • Books or photographs that do not relate directly to the Germans from Russia, this includes German language books that do not have a direct correlation to the Germans from Russia
  • Bibles (unless they include extensive German-Russian family information)
  • Heritage Review, Clues, Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, GCRA Newsletter (we have full runs of all of these)

In certain circumstances, it may be possible for a donor to take a tax deduction for the donation of a collection to the GRHC. Donors are encouraged to speak with their attorney about this matter. By law, GRHC staff cannot give tax advice or appraise the monetary value of a collection. Please consult an appraiser for assistance. It is the donor's responsibility to arrange for and bear the cost of any appraisal.

Sensitive material may, at times, be found within collections. GRHC staff will discuss with a donor the possibility of restricting parts of a collection to protect the privacy of the donor or of others. Although we want to make all papers and records freely accessible to researchers, the GRHC will normally agree to reasonable and equitable restrictions for a limited period of time.

Transfer of Materials
After working with donors to identify materials appropriate for preservation, staff will make arrangements with you to have the papers or records transported to the GRHC. Legal transfer of the materials from the donor to the GRHC occurs when the donor reviews and signs a Deed of Gift that formally makes the gift property of the GRHC. The GRHC generally does not accept materials on deposit or on loan.

Copyright generally belongs to the creator of writings, photographs, music, etc. and can be legally transferred. To allow researchers complete access to material and to be able to quote readily in publications, the GRHC requires donors to transfer any copyright which they possess in the donated papers to the GRHC. Please consult your attorney regarding copyright issues.

Monetary Donations and Endowments

Monetary Gifts
The GRHC depends on generous donors to complete our important mission of preserving and promoting the heritage of the Germans from Russia. We do not receive appropriated money from NDSU or the State of North Dakota for our operating budget, part-time staff salaries, or salary/benefits of our full-time Outreach & Operations Coordinator position.

A financial gift from you will allow us to continue preserving a living legacy for future generations, so they too will know the history and culture of the Germans from Russia. Financial gifts to the GRHC are also a great way to remember and honor important people in your life. All financial donations are greatly appreciated and can be made through the button below.

Donate to GRHC 
Clicking the button above will take you to the NDSU Foundation online donation form. Select “Germans from Russia Fund” to designate your gift for the GRHC.

An endowment is an asset donated to and for the perpetual benefit of a non-profit institution, in this case, the NDSU Libraries’ Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC). The principal donated amount remains intact and a spendable portion of money earned from investing the principal is allocated to benefit the projects and mission of the GRHC in perpetuity. If you are interested in starting a discussion about giving at this level to create an endowment, please email Michael Miller or Jeremy Kopp.

Other Ways to Give
Our partnership with the NDSU Foundation allows you to give in many different ways. To explore these options, please visit the Foundation’s How to Give page.