The two Germans from Russia organizations in Germany are the Bessarabiendueutscher Verein e.V. and the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland. The organizations provide publications, genealogy, regional and national gatherings, and cultural events. GRHC works in partnership with these organizations.

Bessarabiendeutscher Verein e.V.

The Bessarabian German Society is located in Stuttgart, Germany, which includes an extensive library, archives and museum. Bessarabia is a historical region in Eastern Europe, bounded by the Dniester River on the east, and the Prut River on the West. Today part of Bessarabia is located in the Republic of Moldova and part is located in Ukraine. Most of the former German villages in Bessarabia, are located in southwest Ukraine close to Odessa. From 1814 to 1842, 9,000 Germans immigrated from the German areas of Baden, Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, some Prussians area of modern-day Poland, and Alsace, France, to Bessarabia near the Black Sea.In 1940, the Bessarabian Germans were re-settled by the German Army to Poland. In 1945 during World War II, the Bessarabian Germans had to flee Poland to Germany, where many families live today. In the 1890s to about 1910, many of the Bessarabian Germans emigrated to the USA and Canada especially to the Dakotas, Saskatchewan and Alberta.


    Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Rußland

    The Society for the Germans from Russia is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The organization includes ethnic Germans of Black Sea, Volga, Mennonite, Caucasus, Crimea, and Volhynia.  Founded in 1950, the Society has interest in all Russian Germans around the world including North America and South America. This also includes the Germans who live in the former Soviet Union. The Society is active in preserving the heritage, culture and language as well as research, publications, immigration and assimilation especially in Germany.  Since 1989, about three million ethnic Germans have emigrated from the former Soviet Union especially Kazakhstan to Germany.