Cooking traditions of German-Russian culture have survived through three centuries and over three continents. Using modest ingredients based upon availability, families were able to sustain growth through times of abundance and times of hardship. These foodways bring back memories of German-Russian heritage. Use the options to the left to learn more!

The GRHC would love to hear from you if you have special memories to share from your past. Do you have memories of the summer kitchen, vegetable garden and root cellar? What do you remember about tasty treats, treasured recipes, or special feasts and foods? Were food proverbs, pranks, or food toys part of your family heritage?

We would love to hear about canning, pickling and butchering; about preparing meals, Grandma’s favorite recipes, holiday baking traditions, baking bread and setting the table. Tell us about the successes and failures; shortages and times of plenty. If we tap into any of your childhood memories, let us hear from you! Please email



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