United Tribes Technical College history added

Published On: November 25, 2019

The publication United Tribes Technical College: 50 Year Chronology, has been donated to the NDSU Archives.  The college is located on the site of the former Fort Lincoln in Bismarck.  The following history comes from the college website:

“In late August 1969, the trainees began to arrive at the new Indian family training center. Buildings of Bismarck’s Fort Lincoln had been undergoing renovation and preparation for their arrival for over a month. Congress had appropriated the funds and the former military post was being transformed for a new purpose. It became United Tribes Employment Training Center. Soon it was home to the first batch of student/trainees to live and learn on the campus and transform their own lives and those of their family members. There were individuals, solo parents, and their children, and complete families from tribes in the region, bringing their hopes and dreams to the new campus and their cultural traditions as Native People. Soon there was a lively dedication program on the front steps of one of the big brick buildings. That was September 6, 1969. Within a couple of days the training center was off and running and it’s been going ever since. Now 50-years later, it’s time to pause and celebrate the enormous good resulting from North Dakota’s Tribes and Tribal People coming together and “taking over the fort.” Tens-of-thousands of people have been enriched by those who have studied, taught and worked here. Celebrate and reminisce with us. It’s 50-years for United Tribes in 2019.”