Find Tests and Measurements - Search Tips

There are two primary strategies to find tests and measurements:

1. Searching by test/measure name: 

   "Beck Depression Inventory" or "Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale"

2. Searching by the variable you want to measure:

   risk aversion assessment or scale measuring self-esteem

Additional search tips to help you find the right test/measure:

Start with your topic and search for it in combination with a variety of terms, for example:

  • "risk aversion" AND (instrument OR measure)
  • "self-esteem" AND scale
Look for articles and studies with an appendix or appendecies, which often include tests and measures, by adding append*  to your search:
  • "self-esteem" AND scale AND append* 
    • The asterisk (*) stands in for all words that start with append including appendix, appends, appendecies, and appendixes.
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