Posted on Thu, 06/30/2022 - 10:05am

In Touch with Prairie Living, July 2022
By Michael M. Miller

I look forward to visiting the Eureka Pioneer Museum on July 13 with a bus tour traveling from Aberdeen, SD, during the 51st Germans from Russia Heritage Society Convention, July 13-16. I will also attend the 53rd American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Convention, July 27-30, in Lincoln, NE.

The July column focuses on Charles Pfeffer of Eureka, South Dakota. Eureka, Dakota Territory, today in McPherson County, north central South Dakota, was established in 1887. The first train arrived in Eureka on July 27, 1887, but the original plat of the city was not completed until October 3, 1887.

Trains of twenty to thirty cars filled with immigrants were common arrivals at the Eureka train station, many included emigrants leaving Russia and Germany. The great majority of the newcomers were thrifty, hard-working people in good financial standing and contributed much to the welfare and prosperity of Eureka. Charles Pfeffer was one of them...

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