Libraries Undergraduate Research Award 2023 Recipient


Join us in congratulating NDSU Libraries Undergraduate Research Award (LURA) 2023 recipient, Ben Schirrick! This award recognizes excellence in the use of library resources in completing an undergraduate research project. Ben's project is titled "Noachian-Hesperian Boundary: A Potential Pivotal Moment for Mars' Magnetosphere."

Ben Schirrick is a senior in Geology and a sophomore in Computer Engineering. He has long had a fascination with space, fueled by admiration for geologists like Jessica Watkins and Harrison Schmitt. They are what inspired him to start his research.

When discussing plans after college, Ben states, "After graduate school, there is a laundry list of things, but I would first like to get involved with environmental consulting. Proper conservation is something that can impact all of us for the better here on Earth."

For students who are not as familiar with library resources, Ben recommends starting with the Libraries' website. He states, "Don't be intimidated; the library is there for you as a student to dive into anything. What's nice about NDSU's library is that you can search 'ndsu libraries' on the internet, look up, and then refine a topic of interest. The staff has always been very helpful whenever I needed assistance with a database, scientific journal, or InterLibrary Loan request."

Project Abstract:
A magnetosphere is a region that is essential for an atmosphere and the potential of life, so what happened to Mars’ ? This poster will examine a section of Mars’ geologic history that may house the answer. The Noachian and Hesperian periods.

See complete project materials in the NDSU Repository.

We congratulate Ben on this award and look forward to his future success!