North Dakota Women's Suffrage items added to Digital Horizons

Published On: June 11, 2020

The meeting minutes for the Votes for Women League, Fargo Chapter between the dates of their founding on February 4, 1912, to April 11, 1919, has been digitized and uploaded onto Digital Horizons.

The Votes for Women League of North Dakota (also called North Dakota League for Votes for Women) was organized on February 4, 1912 in Fargo at the home of Mrs. Mary Darrow Weible. It appears that it was organized in conjunction with the appearance of Miss Sylvia Pankhurst, a note English suffragist, in Fargo for a public talk. A formal organization was established with its activities confined to securing female suffrage. Shortly thereafter other chapters were organized throughout the state with the headquarters being in Fargo. The Fargo group remained active into World War I and the rise of the Nonpartisan League that also helped enact limited suffrage in North Dakota in 1917. Thereafter with the enactment of the Federal Amendment appearing imminent, the League helped out the boys at Camp Dodge, Iowa, did Red Cross work, and supported the Council for Defense. By 1919, active work by the League had declined and it began discussing the formation of a civic league to replace what might become the defunct League.

Also uploaded is the first Votes for Women League president, Clara Darrow’s booklet entitled "I want to vote" : an appeal to the voters of North Dakota delivered at the Grand Theatre, Fargo, October 25, 1914