RNG 213

This course guide provides information to support and supplement what is covered in the RNG 213 library session.

Peer Review and Original Research

See the following library guides for information about peer review and original research:

Example original research article: 

Louhaichi, M., Gammon, M., Ben Salem, F., & Ouled Belgacem, A. (2021). Rangeland biodiversity and climate variability: Supporting the need for flexible grazing management. Sustainability, 13(13), 7124. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13137124

Example of peer reviewer comments on an original research article:

Peer review record [Peer review of the article Rangeland biodiversity and climate variability: Supporting the need for flexible grazing management]. (2021). Sustainability, 13(13), 7124. https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/13/13/7124/review_report

Finding Articles

Range Science Databases

The library provides access to many databases that will have information about plant science research articles. Some of the most recommended databases for Range Science are:

Help Finding Articles

See some of the library guides related to finding articles.

Remember to look for the Search @ NDSU button in the library databases. Clicking that button will open a new tab/window that will search the library records to see if the library has access to that article. 

If the library does not have access to the article, you can request it, for free, through Interlibrary Loan. For more information, see our How to Use Interlibrary Loan guide.

Contact the Librarian

Nicole Juve, Agricultural Sciences Librarian


In-Class Activities

Activity 1: Warm Up

Go to www.slido.com and enter code #Z751

Activity 2: Identifying Sources

Work in pairs or groups to review each of the following sources. Answer the following questions for each source:

  1. What type of source is it?
  2. Is it peer reviewed?

Submit responses on this Google Form: https://forms.gle/rEjeYt7NzvVf68Zz5

The form includes links to each source, but you may also view a list of all the sources in this Google Doc.

Activity 3: Developing Keywords

Developing Keywords Example - Google Doc

Developing Keywords Template - Type 1 (Word Doc, downloadable from Google Drive)

Developing Keywords Template - Type 2 (Word Doc, downloadable from Google Drive)